Monday, August 29, 2011

One Year Ago

Last year at this time I was busy working on this collection. By now you've all seen it. Yes, it's still very purpley. Thank you guys for the support, encouragement and for all the other nice things you said. I hope you meant it. BECAUSE: I quit my day job based on all the nice things you guys said. So if anyone was lying you have about 10 minutes to fess up [MAYBE-THERE-IS-STILL-TIME-TO-RETRACT-MY-RESIGNATION].


Actually I quit a month ago and there is no way I'm going to let go of this new freedom so quickly;  even if it is 100 degrees right now in this little sweatshop. It's MY little sweatshop. The old corporate gig was a frigid 64 degrees 24/7.  Methinks hell hath nothing to do with warm temperatures. Am I right, Antarctica? What I'm trying to say is, if I end up living in a (very chic) tent one o these days, all you have to blame is yourselves.  You won't be so willy nilly with the positive reinforcement then, will you?

In all seriousness, being your own boss is not as easy as it sounds. In an effort to control my staffs 3 hour poolside lunch breaks I've come up with an ingenious plan. Consider this blog as my time card. There are new things to create and they will get done. I certainly can't promise 8 hrs a day, but there will be progress reports. Old habits die hard you know.

Look how corporate we're becoming all ready.

I'll even match my own 401K contributions. Shouldn't be too hard. 0+0=0


  1. At least the tent will be purple! ;) So proud of you and excited for you! Also, I think you need to write a book. David Sedaris, move over.

  2. thanks darling! ;-D
    Miss you bunches!