Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let Me Count The Ways

The 4th of July is up there on my list of favorite holidays. The beer is flowing, the fireworks are glowing and also Great Britain doesn't own our country anymore. That's because the Chinese do. Some other fun holidays I like to celebrate are Bastille Day, Fiestas Patrias, and Icelandic National Day. Basically the more days where it's acceptable to wear red, white and blue the better:

I'm naming this dress Lea after my dear friend who might love themed dressing even more than I do.

Why is it that when you show up dressing patriotic to a 4th of July barbecue, people make strange comments as if you were wearing a white dress to some other brides wedding? Are we not allowed to compete with the flag??! When did it stop being cool to be patriotic anyways, let alone on a PATRIOTIC HOLIDAY? Last I heard America was still a great country. Just ask the millions who risk their lives to get to this country. Perhaps you disagree, and are considering fleeing these fair lands and becoming an ex-pat? If that be the case, chances are this dress probably will still work for you.  There are about 30 countries whose flag boasts the same triumvirate of colors (very original dudes, those founding fathers), and now you can celebrate ALL of their National Holidays with the same ONE dress.
Sorry. I stopped counting the different ways this dress can be worn after #5, mostly because I ran out of poses.
I will probably end up making this dress in another colorway for those who are scared of this one. 
In the meantime; I will continue to wear this color combo whenever I feel like it, and urge others to do the same. If someone should give you grief, tell them to stop being so damn ignorant in world affairs. Don't they know? It's Anzac Day.


  1. Super cute! I want one!...shoes too! xx

  2. Thanks guys! Heidi, the shoes are here:


    and of course NOW they're on sale :/