Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty On The Inside

Hello Lovelies! Here is the next dress in the installment:

When I first started sewing, way too many years ago, the inside of the garment was always sort of an after thought. So were hems, zippers, and buttonholes to be honest. Years went by where nothing I made was lined, and everything was made from stretch fabric so I wouldn't be forced to put a zipper in it. Then about 8 years ago I bought a jacket, and on the inside waistband there were words embroidered. It said- 'You are beautiful'. I loved it. Hey, a compliment's a compliment even if it is coming from a cheap-o jean jacket. Over the years as I've gotten better at sewing and pattern making I've started paying more and more attention to the inside of the garment. Sometimes that means just making sure all the seams are finished, or maybe hand sewing the zipper down, but the most fun is when you have a super special lining. It doesn't always have to match but it compliments the garment- Like a navy corduroy jacket with hot pink lining, or a ditzy floral print on the inside of a boxy retro jacket. It always makes you smile every time you put it on even though no one ever sees it but you.

People will love your shoes and they'll ask you where you got your dress. Your lover might notice your new perfume and they may catch a glimpse of your perfectly matched underthings but I doubt they will ever remember what the inside of your dress looks like. That one's just for you.