Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When This Party is Over, It Will Start Again.

See our little marmot friend?
Last weekend I went on an epic backpacking trip. After a grueling 4 1/2  hour steep uphill climb with 30 pounds strapped to my sweaty back we arrived at the first leg in our itinerary; an alpine lake with not a person in sight. Within 5 minutes of our arrival, we tossed off our bags, tore off our clothes and tiptoed in the frigid crystal clear glacier water. Knee deep and giggling we spotted something watching us on the shore. A beautiful spotted doe was gracefully walking towards us and WE froze like the deer in the proverbial headlights. She came close to the waters edge and with her big brown eyes watched us giddily splash around before slowly wandering off. 

This was the first of many magical moments on that mountain. In the next 4 days as we discovered furious waterfalls edged in the softest carpets of velvety moss, lazy creeks dividing neon hued meadows, violently brilliant shooting stars, another doe that followed us around for hours in plain sight, and ancient gnarled bonsai trees growing firmly from the cracks of massive boulders; these lyrics kept repeating in my head:
Heaven is a place,
A place where nothing,
nothing ever happens."

That may sound boring to you, and is in fact only true to the human eye. Nothing happens on that age-less mountain that has not been happening in its own slow and perfect way for 4,000 or more years. Rain, snow, sun, death, new life, repeat. It is incredibly humbling to witness such natural bliss knowing that we are really but a speck in time. The drops of water that slice boulders in half will take more than my lifetime to do so. But it will, and it does, over and over again. By the end of the trip we had such reverence for this forest that we were careful not to tread on any vegetation lest one tiny wildflower be broken.

We also vowed to become Park Rangers when we retire, and to leave all of our money to the National Parks Department when we die. Haha! Talk about a life altering experience!

That longwinded PSA for the National Parks Department aside, I was happy to be back in this crazy home on this crazy street full of these crazy people. The very next day I happily worked in my studio all day, not even realizing it was 9pm when I stopped. Just the knowledge that places like that exist, tucked away from 'progress' and development, and inaccessible to the masses who cannot even be bothered to take the stairs but one flight; calms my spirit. I cannot wait to go back, but for now I cannot wait to get back to work:
Here is the next piece. The pattern has been drafted, tested, tweaked, and finally cut out in it's final fabrication. Now to sew it up. Hopefully it will be done by tonight!
These flowers were everywhere! I had to take a pic since they match my color scheme so perfectly.
I hope everyone else had a fantastic Labor Day weekend.

<3 Misty

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