Monday, October 31, 2011

Synchronized Winners

Happy Halloween!

I made my costume this year, and since this blog is basically a "look what I can do!" a' la Stuart,  I figured I'd share it here. Me and a couple of my girl friends went as Synchronized Swimmers. Think Esther Williams, not Olympic medalists (next year). We had flowered swim caps, retro swimsuits and I embroidered our names on fluffy white towels. The other two girls wore adorable vintage swimsuits that they found at the flea market, and I was able to work both of their color schemes into mine to help with the synchronicity.

We went to a really great party at our friends warehouse where Sonoio performed (and killed it!) and EVERYONE looked amazing. I'll admit at first I was a little self-conscious about going out in public in just a bathing suit, but really, that's more clothes then Lady Gaga wears on any given day. So I got over myself because it's not like we took some random occupation and just sluttified it, as is by now sacred Halloween tradition. And who would've guessed that the three of us would win Sexiest Costumes? Certainly not me. In my thirty-something years I've never won sexiest anything. BUT we did. So take that all you fresh-faced 19 year olds.

Of course we did not get any pictures of the three of us together because I can't hold my liquor, but here are the other bathing beauties! Somebody please photoshop me into this picture:

Aren't they fabulous?

You'll probably see versions of my swimsuit in my Etsy shop this summer. Dude, it is an award winning swimsuit after all.....

Have fun tonight and save me some candy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Angela Dress

 I just finished this dress this morning. You might remember the last dress I posted? I was liking the idea of the black contrast insets and the lace sleeves but I wanted to dial down the sweetness a bit and amp up the sex appeal.