Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Back when I was home a few weeks ago, I poked around in my parents attic and found a box with my name on it. I almost left it right where it was and walked away, because I knew that once my mom saw me with it she would guilt me into packing it up in my suitcase and taking it with me. It seems the parentals are tired of being our storage unit.

 Over the years on various trips back home I've been presented with similar packages. In the beginning they were filled with clothes, books, posters and the remnants of my teenage life. When it became clear that adulthood was going to stick, they started traveling back in time- nerdy junior high photos, misspelled poems to my dad, an engraved baby spoon, family heirlooms and lots of drawings. Stacks and stacks of drawings, actually. 

I always have mixed feelings about receiving these time machines. They're fun to dig through for a minute, but then what? They really have no place in my current life and it was always somehow comforting to know that my past was neatly stacked away in my parents garage next to the croquet set we used that one time. 

I imagined this box was going to be more wonky drawings of Care Bears and Cabbage Patch Kids birth certificates, but to my surprise it was the remainder of my prized dollhouse. I started pulling things out; a perfectly replicated 2" refrigerator, an apple pie the size of a quarter, mini hand-crocheted rugs...But what really excited me, tucked between the baby buggy and the armoire; were the old Barbie clothes I had made.

Barbie was wearing Mena before ANYONE.

I spent much of my childhood playing with Barbies, and to be honest I played with them well after my friends had stopped.  Looking over these outfits, I'm pretty darn impressed with my past self. They're complete with darts, button holes and some serious high fashion design sensibilities. 

It's funny that this box is probably the last bit of my childhood to move out of the house, and for once it doesn't seem out of place in my current life. Mena IS a childhood nickname after all. ;)

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