Thursday, December 1, 2011


Holy roller coaster couple of weeks; I don't even know where to begin.

There was a speeding ticket and then a trip to the emergency room (separate days thankyou), a night at the Opera,  8 sequined bridesmaid dresses to finish before leaving town (I succeeded, pics soon!),  a comic evening at the Chateau Marmont followed by 2011's only drunk letter....and somewhere in the middle of all that Thanksgiving came and went.  Most of these things require a separate blog post which I just cannot wrap my head around right now, so instead I'm just going to give you a mash-up of all the other places my brain has been.

*I'm participating in an event this Sunday called Heart On. It's an art show/dance party. I'm setting up a booth and I'll have these tops, my aprons and a bunch more lovely treasures I'm currently working on. FYI these tops are all going to be under $40 bucks. Maybe even $30 if I'm feeling generous.

*Who Tumble's? Tumblrs? I do now, add me and let me know how I can find you.

*One of my favorite internet developments are all of these sites that help you create or keep track of your links. Like Pinterest.  Imagine if you had to write down all of your favorite links? How many notebooks would that fill, and how would you keep track? OK, don't waste too much time imagining that scenario. If you have links to keep track of then chances are you have a computer... which leads me to believe you have some sort of Word program you could use. Still though, that would be a pain.  My particular way of thinking positive is to imagine the horrors that COULD be, and then be thankful that they AREN'T. Make sense?

* Have you seen this sick fashion vid? BTW,  still wondering how and when 'sick' took on such a positive meaning? Maybe it was Ferris Bueller taking a 'sick' day that did it?

*Also, I did this DIY for Distinctive Fabrics. If anyone does it please send me a pic!

That's it for now kittens.
nuzzle, nuzzle.

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