Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jump [to the Hustle].

Even though I really like this dress, I've been holding back on posting the pics because they're a tad blurry and I think I look a leeeeeettle chunkers. But, whatever, I'm a real girl not a supermodel and it's time you all just accepted that fact and stopped putting so much pressure on me. GEEZ.
I'm sorry. It's not your fault.

There's another reason I decided to post these pics. One that trumped my vanity. Or perhaps is vanity in another form? See that location in which I am standing? That gritty urban locale? That's Catalyst's parking lot. (Catalyst is an Artist collective in which I live that happens to be in the middle of skid row.)  It turns out that the 80's classic, White Men Can't Jump was filmed right. there. We watched the movie to make sure, and lo and behold:

The rumors were true.
So add that to our home's storied past.
Then Woody Harrelson hustled the hustlers here. And kitties I'm thrilled. Hustlin' has long been my motto.

You thought nothing good ever came out of Skid Row? Think again. 



  1. You do not look a leeeeetle chunkers. You look perfectly gorgeous.

    Keep hustlin'!!!

  2. That is awesome! are beautifully thin, Misty. I don't know what you are talking about. If you are fat then I am fat, and I could have sworn I was thin too. Stupid anorexic models :P

    Gorgeous dress by the way!