Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun and Games OR Quality Control?

photo by Fitz Carlile
Vera Dress~Mena
Sometimes people ask me why I never wear Mena. I think those people must always catch me at the wrong time, or perhaps they don't see me often enough? I wear my dresses frequently. Someone has to test drive them and since this is a one lady operation I head up the quality control division. This is a job I take very seriously. This is the 'fun and games' portion.

That's where the above picture comes in. There I am 'testing' out the Vera dress at a friends wedding. I'm the one on the left, lest ye be confused. I don't think it really looks like me, much like how hearing a recording of my own voice makes me cringe...whatever were we doing when this pic was snapped?.....however I post it as proof positive.

 Let me give you a little summary of the kind of rigorous testing this dress went through all in one night:

 I wore it on a sweaty a/c free drive down to Orange county, over a toll bridge, and finally up a dusty dirt road. My legs might have stuck to the seat a little but the dress remained wrinkle free.

I watched my beaming friends say their vows and then I promptly spilled champagne on it. I spilled champagne on it approximately 10 more times throughout the evening; this dress was a very thirsty dress...and yet, it looked as good as new.

I made some new friends in it.
I reconnected with some old friends in it.
An acquaintance no longer forgets my name because of it.

I sat under twinkling lights and the shimmering stars above at a table full of happy people and ate an incredible meal. The dress did not pinch me and scold me for consuming more food than necessary, as other dresses are wont to do.

I felt a pang of jealousy while wearing it.
I said a few things I regret while wearing it.
I said a few hilarious things I forget while wearing it.

It was with me as I made my way to the dance floor. That's where I tested it's twirl factor. I tested it a few times just to be sure. It tested high.

Under a tree I helped pitch a tent in it. (Yes, a real tent)
With one of my favorite people next to me I curled up under a blanket in it.
Then I had an hours long giggle session while wearing it.

In the wee hours of the night with eyelids heavy I climbed into the tent still wearing it. With the soft voices of friends singing around the crackling bonfire my dress served very well as pajamas. Mere hours later I woke and the dress and I may or may not have given my tent mate a steamroller on our way out into the blinding morning sun.

In my bleary-eyed search of water, cellphone, purse, and food I looked down at the dress and it can be said for certain, it looked a whole lot better than I did.

QC gives it an A+


I'll be testing out another dress tomorrow night at this art show. Hey, my name's even on the flier. Will you get your art on with me?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Corny Comics

Sometimes I make silly comics; or rather I have grand intentions of making silly comics. I have a binder full of unfinished half drawn comic concepts and note pads full of puns and nonsensical sayings. Every now and then I finish one. I wish I could be everything when I grow up, but as Marilyn Monroe says, "You've got to specialize".

Here's a punny comic I did last year that seems seasonally appropriate so I thought I'd share it again.
If you'd like to see them all you can look at the menaberry comic link at the top or click HERE

Happy Halloween!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Alter-Ego Has a Big Heart

I don't think I've ever told you guys why I named my clothing line Mena. I didn't just pull it out of thin air, though it may seem. Misty Rose is a pretty swell name to grow up with but as many people like to point out it sounds like a stage name. The kind of dimly lit stage where one dollar bills are lustfully shoved in your underthings. That's cool [I guess], but hundred dollar bills lovingly placed in my 401K turn me on more. Call me middle class.

I digress:

When I was 6, my mom used to babysit this adorable little blue-eyed, tow haired boy. He must've been about 2 years old at the time. His mother would drop him off at our house really early in the morning while I was still sleeping. He kind of adored me for some reason I'll never know. He would lay down at my door and call my name through the crack. Except he couldn't say Misty. He called me Mena. He would yell "Mena, Mena, Mena!" until I got out of bed and played with him. It didn't take very long for the rest of my family to adopt the nickname, though often times they sweeten it to Menaberry.

Mena is my alter-ego.  Mena is the one all the boys and girls want to play with. She is fun. She smiles often and is quick to laughter.  Whereas Misty is at times impatient, fearful and cranky; Mena is confident and strong. Basically Mena is to Misty as Eminem is to Marshall Mathers but with less violence and more bad-assery. Yeah I said it. Mena is more bad ass than Eminem.

Louisa Blouse available HERE

That golden haired girl in the picture up there is the perfect Mena girl. Her name may be Louise but she embodies the Mena ideal in my head. She is one of my very favorite people in the whole wide world. Since I'm not going to change the name of my clothing line right now I figured the least I could do is name that blouse after her.

After all it matches her big heart,..... and big hearts are pretty bad ass in my opinion.
Dont you think?


Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's a Glorious Life

OH Yes, more pics from the RAW runway show. I especially like the crowd shots. 
Listen to this as you scroll through them for the full effect.

Also, there's a few more days to vote for me as your favorite RAWartists fashion designer. You can vote once a day. YES. Every day. I know it's a pain in the ass so I wont hold it against you if you forget. If I do win, I'll receive some sort of consultation with big wigs, a hearty handshake and a gold star sticker. I'd really appreciate the votes because my sticker book has an empty spot on the cover and I'm really coveting that gold star.

In other news, recently I was thinking about cutting back on the sarcasm. But then I just went on living my life and forgot all about that.

Without further ado:


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mena Trunk Show at Hamptons Heartbreak

Come and play dress up with me this sunday at Hamptons Heartbreak in Silverlake!

Hamptons Heartbreak
502 N. Hoover St.
Los Angeles, ca 90004

Monday, September 17, 2012

Roller Coasters and Runways

Barbara Dress~ Mena
model~ Jessica E. Rosa
head piece~ La La Rocque
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Are you tired yet of me telling you how lately my life has been such a roller coaster? What about a whirlwind? Have I said that before?

I don't want to be one of those people who just talk on and on about how busy they are all the time but they really REALLY want to hang out and could we PLEASE get together at some vague unspecified date and time; you know- when they stop being so important and swamped, because they really miss their friends and would love to hear all about what's going on in your life. At a later date. But not now. Because they have to go. Nice running in to you.

While I may be super busy at times, I know that I'm certainly not all that important...except to my friends. They are the ones that make me feel important. I've always known I was lucky to be surrounded by the kindest, funniest most creative and supportive group of people in Los Angeles; but the last few weeks my heart has been so full and I've never felt so loved.

In the frenzied weeks before my fashion show, without me even asking, this crew offered their services/cars/homes/skills/hands and hearts. Quite a few of them even walked the runway for me. Others were on the other side of the stage filming, cheering and supporting. They are all truly as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside. So this is a big fat THANK YOU to them. Thank you for holding my hand on this roller coaster with me. I'm ready to hop on whatever ride you guys want to try next. It's your turn to choose. I want to be as generous with my time and my heart as you have been to me. XOXO

Here are just a few of the looks from the night:
Eve Dress~ Mena
model~ Amy White
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Lana Dress~ Mena
model~ Erica Psotto
head piece~ La La Rocque
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Jesse Dress~ Mena
model~ Laura Beckman
headpiece~ La La Rocque
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Tulip Dress~ Mena
model~ Jessica E. Rosa
head piece~ La La Rocque
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Jaqueline Dress~ Mena
model~ Valeska Gann
head piece~ La La Roque
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Sophia Dress~ Mena
model~ Erica Psotto
head piece~ La La Rocque
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Venus Dress~ Mena
model~ Claire Heiber
head piece~ La La Rocque
earrings~ Delevo Designs
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Angela Dress~ Mena
model~ Amy White
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Brigette Dress~ Mena
model~ Laura Beckman
headpiece~ La La Rocque
makeup~ Sarah Nelson
hair~ Vanessa Hassett
Last but definitely not least I want to thank Sarah Nelson and Vanessa Hassett the wonderful hair and makeup team. They did such an amazing job and were such a pleasure to work with. I hope I get the opportunity to work with them again. You girls rock!
From left to right:
Vanessa Hassett~ Hair
Sarah Nelson~Makeup
Heather LaRocque~ La La Rocque 
ME! (Misty Rose)~ Mena

Thank you Aaron Paul Rogers for the pictures! :-)

More pics and video to be coming in the very near future.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Whole Truth

Hey there cuties.

Things are crazy town over here, getting ready for sunday's RAW fashion show followed by my departure the very next AM to Black Rock City. I'm feeling a little ADD right now; switching back and forth from project to project, but things are consistently getting crossed off the list so I must be doing something right.

A few weeks ago the people from RAW asked me to do a leeeetle interview for their site. Today they posted it right up on the front page. It looks a lot like this:

I was tempted to give absolutely nonsensical answers because writing bio's are so very very difficult for me, but in the end I managed to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. To read it in it's entirety click here:

Also, if you still havent bought your ticket to sundays show I'd get on it. Ticket sales end today (thursdaythe 23rd) at midnight. Get them here

Thursday, August 2, 2012

natural born artists

HI, Kittens.

Do you like fashion? Do you like music or art? How about fun? Do you like having fun? If not, I'm not quite sure how we became friends...but I'm sure you must have some other fine redeeming qualities.  For those of you who DO like fashion/art/music/fun (how about models? do you like models?) I hope that you would consider coming to this spectacular event on August 26th at the El Rey theatre featuring a Mena runway show. Put on by the lovely folks from RAW natural born artists, Radiate will be a mash-up of runway, art, and music as well as performance art. Before the runway show I'll have a pop-up shop set up where you can touch, feel, smell, try on, or even purchase your very own Mena garment.

And it's only $15. So, buy a ticket here! on this link. here. or how about: here? Ticket sales close on August 23rd I'd get yours asap.

I'm so excited, I hope to see you there! In the meantime you can check out my artist profile on the RAW website:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mena Line Sheets

Well hello again, friends. We're back here twice in one week. Unprecedented, I know. But look what I've brought you. Pretty pretty dresses, blouses and skirts in gorgeous prints and soft luscious fabrics. Isn't that what you've been hoping for?

This is what I've been working on in my studio for the past few months. It's nice to see them all together in their color coordinated glory. Some items are available for purchase here. All of them are available for wholesale accounts.  I hope you like them!

If you'd like to see the entire line in action you are invited to attend my upcoming fashion show at the El Rey Theatre on August 26th. Tickets are available here, and I'll be posting more about the event in a few days. 

Besos and Bisous~Misty

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where is My Mind? Out in the Water...See it Swimming....

There is a moment; 
just after your bare feet leap off the hot weathered dock, 
right before you're enveloped by the cold dark water...
a split second when you are suspended in the air, 
sun splashed and charged with giddy anticipation....

Summer is in those golden seconds.
I hope you've been busy slowing down and making memories.

Pimm's cups and floppy hats at Lake Arrowhead. Lace top by mena

Slowing down in Maui
Banyan tree-house

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Aloha Over and Out

I've been wearing the same pair of shorts for three days. I washed every scrap of fabric we own and now I am loath to dirty anything. Ever again. Is that weird? Probably not, but definitely gross.

Why can't everyday be like this? 75 degrees on a sunday with a clean house and Al Green singing his soul out in the background. Top it off with a bottle or two of Hoegaarden, and that sounds like a mighty fine day I wouldn't mind putting on repeat.

And then it just keeps getting better.

As it turns out I only need to wear these shorts for 2 more days. Come tuesday I shall be leaving 'the place where skid row is', upon which rests my currently spotless abode (oh the irony) and heading off to the balmy state of Hawaii. For 10 days. Need I tell you how excited I am!? Probably not.

There will be sun and sand and jungles and volcanos and bikinis and pineapples and jeep rides and smiles and tropical fruity drinks and ukeleles and hiking and relaxing and....hhhhuuuuuuuuuuuhhHHHHH. Deep breath.

And then! And then I get to come home. Relaxed and tan, I'll get to sit in this neatly organized studio. I'll know where everything is. The fabric is color coordinated and the pencils are sharp. And then! Then I'll get to make a spectacular gorgeous mess all over again. That's going to be fun too.

I hope your summer is off to a beautiful start.

Lola blouse- mena
snakeskin print pants outta control- Anthro

Here's a pic of me being a dork for the camera[man] whilst wearing as much red as possible, which is not nearly enough in my opinion. More is more as they say. Some say, anyways. I made this polka dot blouse awhile ago and I'll post it in the shop soon.

Until then,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Art Deco Cow Girl

From time to time I loan out clothes from my line to stylists, models or photographers for photo shoots. They get fun new looks to play around with, and I get lovely professional photos in return. I love nothing more than to see my garments being worn and loved, and I'm always interested to see how someone else will style them.

In these photos the talented singer/songwriter Ruut both modeled and styled the shoot. I don't think I would've ever thought to pair this 1920's inspired dress with cowboy boots, but I absolutely love it!

Get the look:
-THE DRESS: by mena
-THE BOOTS: by frye
-THE HEELS: anthropologie

I am still obsessed with this shimmery yellow jacquard knit fabric. Unfortunately I only bought a few yards of it, so this dress remains a one of a kind.

see you later!-MR

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hot Hot Hot Hot

Lately I've had the pleasure of doing wardrobe styling for some commercial work. The most recent one I did was for Hot Pockets featuring the very very funny Toby Turner.

Although they are always a pretty fun experience, I especially enjoyed working on this one. Not only did I get to put together outfits for a luchador and a rodeo cowboy, but I spent some quality time with a blow torch burning holes in a silk shirt to simulate an explosion. So, that's my idea of fun anyways.

We shot this commercial at a lovely house on a sunny day, and Toby had the entire crew in tears with his improvisation. Check out his YouTube channel here for some more funnies.

alright, later kittens!-Misty

Friday, May 11, 2012


Holy cow, I have been sewing non-stop for 3 weeks straight. It's so satisfying to finish a garment and hang it on the rack next to it's color coordinated sisters. Even more satisfying is carefully packaging it up, tying it up with a bow, and shipping it out to some eagerly awaiting fashionista in an exotic locale like Moscow or Spain. I hope it becomes their new favorite dress, and I wish wish wish they would all send me pictures!

Last week I sent out a shipment to a lovely new boutique in Chicago named Milk Handmade. While maybe not exotic per say, Chicago does happen to one of my favorite cities in the US so I am super happy to have Mena available in the windy city. Chicago friends, go check it out for me! :-)

The rest of the garments created on this most recent sewing spree are all for this weekends big show: Unique LA. If you've ever wanted to own a mena item but were worried about ordering online without trying it on, nows your chance! I have sizes from extra small to large, AND I have a dressing room. AND there are free drinks. AND besides myself there are over 300 amazing artists and indie designers setting up shop who are are local-made-in-the-USA.  Tickets are $10 each but I have two to give away. If you want one leave a comment!

Please excuse the instagram photos again, but it's difficult to find the nice camera under all these fabric scraps:

Along with most of the items I've shown here in the past I'll have a selection of brand new things that I havent had a chance to blog about.

Every gal needs a neon lace top right?
Unfortunately those are all the pics I took and all the garments are hung up at the show waiting for the doors to open tomorrow, But I swear there are tons more.

Meanwhile the house is started to get buried under rapidly growing piles of fabric scraps:

I hope to see all your beautiful faces this weekend!

Ooh ooh ooh, Caine and his arcade are going to be there as well. If you havent seen that video yet I suggest you do.

Toodles kittens,