Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's my party

My birthday happened. I threw a party. It was a rooftop garden brunch complete with free massages, a mani/pedi station, mimosas and a bloody mary bar.  Hours before the event I was having a pre-party meltdown(!!!!) on the rooftop when a hummingbird zoomed by, it's iridescent green feathers sparkling in the sunlight. It caught me off guard, mid-tantrum. I guess it got the flier about the brunch, because it immediately started snacking on the nectar of my freshly planted flowers. Sure, it was a few hours early, but hummingbirds dont need to be fashionably late to look cool. I decided that if my little bourgeois-ghetto rooftop garden is good enough for the hummingbirds, its good enough for me and my guests. That's when I decided to take a xanax chill out; que sera sera. 

I decorated the house and the stairway up to the roof with some crepe paper flowers i made.  I do apologize for the cat photo but they are the stars of the interwebs; everyone knows that. 

If you want to make your own crepe paper flowers, the DIY i followed is right here.  I'm also willing to sell mine for $300 dollars a piece which is a bargain. Seriously, they took so much longer to make than I thought they would. 

To round out the whole flower theme I made some party hats with the leftover crepe paper scraps. I found some inexpensive headbands and sort of followed this easy DIY. The paper I used was much thicker than the paper they used, but I think they turned out lovely.
It helps to have gorgeous friends.

From the looks of it, there were no men at this party, nor was I wearing anything but my party hat and a necklace. That is entirely not true. There were plenty of fellows, and I love fashion too much to show up nude to my own party. I save that for the after-party.

I'd like to end this post by showing you where it all began:

This is the truly awesome flier that my boyfriend made for me. The ram made from flowers is by artist Kristi Malakoff. I absolutely love her work, check it out.

It turned out to be a fantastic birthday, and in all honesty, constructing all of the flowers in the weeks before was (almost) just as fun.