Friday, May 11, 2012


Holy cow, I have been sewing non-stop for 3 weeks straight. It's so satisfying to finish a garment and hang it on the rack next to it's color coordinated sisters. Even more satisfying is carefully packaging it up, tying it up with a bow, and shipping it out to some eagerly awaiting fashionista in an exotic locale like Moscow or Spain. I hope it becomes their new favorite dress, and I wish wish wish they would all send me pictures!

Last week I sent out a shipment to a lovely new boutique in Chicago named Milk Handmade. While maybe not exotic per say, Chicago does happen to one of my favorite cities in the US so I am super happy to have Mena available in the windy city. Chicago friends, go check it out for me! :-)

The rest of the garments created on this most recent sewing spree are all for this weekends big show: Unique LA. If you've ever wanted to own a mena item but were worried about ordering online without trying it on, nows your chance! I have sizes from extra small to large, AND I have a dressing room. AND there are free drinks. AND besides myself there are over 300 amazing artists and indie designers setting up shop who are are local-made-in-the-USA.  Tickets are $10 each but I have two to give away. If you want one leave a comment!

Please excuse the instagram photos again, but it's difficult to find the nice camera under all these fabric scraps:

Along with most of the items I've shown here in the past I'll have a selection of brand new things that I havent had a chance to blog about.

Every gal needs a neon lace top right?
Unfortunately those are all the pics I took and all the garments are hung up at the show waiting for the doors to open tomorrow, But I swear there are tons more.

Meanwhile the house is started to get buried under rapidly growing piles of fabric scraps:

I hope to see all your beautiful faces this weekend!

Ooh ooh ooh, Caine and his arcade are going to be there as well. If you havent seen that video yet I suggest you do.

Toodles kittens,

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