Monday, October 29, 2012

Corny Comics

Sometimes I make silly comics; or rather I have grand intentions of making silly comics. I have a binder full of unfinished half drawn comic concepts and note pads full of puns and nonsensical sayings. Every now and then I finish one. I wish I could be everything when I grow up, but as Marilyn Monroe says, "You've got to specialize".

Here's a punny comic I did last year that seems seasonally appropriate so I thought I'd share it again.
If you'd like to see them all you can look at the menaberry comic link at the top or click HERE

Happy Halloween!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Alter-Ego Has a Big Heart

I don't think I've ever told you guys why I named my clothing line Mena. I didn't just pull it out of thin air, though it may seem. Misty Rose is a pretty swell name to grow up with but as many people like to point out it sounds like a stage name. The kind of dimly lit stage where one dollar bills are lustfully shoved in your underthings. That's cool [I guess], but hundred dollar bills lovingly placed in my 401K turn me on more. Call me middle class.

I digress:

When I was 6, my mom used to babysit this adorable little blue-eyed, tow haired boy. He must've been about 2 years old at the time. His mother would drop him off at our house really early in the morning while I was still sleeping. He kind of adored me for some reason I'll never know. He would lay down at my door and call my name through the crack. Except he couldn't say Misty. He called me Mena. He would yell "Mena, Mena, Mena!" until I got out of bed and played with him. It didn't take very long for the rest of my family to adopt the nickname, though often times they sweeten it to Menaberry.

Mena is my alter-ego.  Mena is the one all the boys and girls want to play with. She is fun. She smiles often and is quick to laughter.  Whereas Misty is at times impatient, fearful and cranky; Mena is confident and strong. Basically Mena is to Misty as Eminem is to Marshall Mathers but with less violence and more bad-assery. Yeah I said it. Mena is more bad ass than Eminem.

Louisa Blouse available HERE

That golden haired girl in the picture up there is the perfect Mena girl. Her name may be Louise but she embodies the Mena ideal in my head. She is one of my very favorite people in the whole wide world. Since I'm not going to change the name of my clothing line right now I figured the least I could do is name that blouse after her.

After all it matches her big heart,..... and big hearts are pretty bad ass in my opinion.
Dont you think?


Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's a Glorious Life

OH Yes, more pics from the RAW runway show. I especially like the crowd shots. 
Listen to this as you scroll through them for the full effect.

Also, there's a few more days to vote for me as your favorite RAWartists fashion designer. You can vote once a day. YES. Every day. I know it's a pain in the ass so I wont hold it against you if you forget. If I do win, I'll receive some sort of consultation with big wigs, a hearty handshake and a gold star sticker. I'd really appreciate the votes because my sticker book has an empty spot on the cover and I'm really coveting that gold star.

In other news, recently I was thinking about cutting back on the sarcasm. But then I just went on living my life and forgot all about that.

Without further ado: