Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's a Glorious Life

OH Yes, more pics from the RAW runway show. I especially like the crowd shots. 
Listen to this as you scroll through them for the full effect.

Also, there's a few more days to vote for me as your favorite RAWartists fashion designer. You can vote once a day. YES. Every day. I know it's a pain in the ass so I wont hold it against you if you forget. If I do win, I'll receive some sort of consultation with big wigs, a hearty handshake and a gold star sticker. I'd really appreciate the votes because my sticker book has an empty spot on the cover and I'm really coveting that gold star.

In other news, recently I was thinking about cutting back on the sarcasm. But then I just went on living my life and forgot all about that.

Without further ado:


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