Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun and Games OR Quality Control?

photo by Fitz Carlile
Vera Dress~Mena
Sometimes people ask me why I never wear Mena. I think those people must always catch me at the wrong time, or perhaps they don't see me often enough? I wear my dresses frequently. Someone has to test drive them and since this is a one lady operation I head up the quality control division. This is a job I take very seriously. This is the 'fun and games' portion.

That's where the above picture comes in. There I am 'testing' out the Vera dress at a friends wedding. I'm the one on the left, lest ye be confused. I don't think it really looks like me, much like how hearing a recording of my own voice makes me cringe...whatever were we doing when this pic was snapped?.....however I post it as proof positive.

 Let me give you a little summary of the kind of rigorous testing this dress went through all in one night:

 I wore it on a sweaty a/c free drive down to Orange county, over a toll bridge, and finally up a dusty dirt road. My legs might have stuck to the seat a little but the dress remained wrinkle free.

I watched my beaming friends say their vows and then I promptly spilled champagne on it. I spilled champagne on it approximately 10 more times throughout the evening; this dress was a very thirsty dress...and yet, it looked as good as new.

I made some new friends in it.
I reconnected with some old friends in it.
An acquaintance no longer forgets my name because of it.

I sat under twinkling lights and the shimmering stars above at a table full of happy people and ate an incredible meal. The dress did not pinch me and scold me for consuming more food than necessary, as other dresses are wont to do.

I felt a pang of jealousy while wearing it.
I said a few things I regret while wearing it.
I said a few hilarious things I forget while wearing it.

It was with me as I made my way to the dance floor. That's where I tested it's twirl factor. I tested it a few times just to be sure. It tested high.

Under a tree I helped pitch a tent in it. (Yes, a real tent)
With one of my favorite people next to me I curled up under a blanket in it.
Then I had an hours long giggle session while wearing it.

In the wee hours of the night with eyelids heavy I climbed into the tent still wearing it. With the soft voices of friends singing around the crackling bonfire my dress served very well as pajamas. Mere hours later I woke and the dress and I may or may not have given my tent mate a steamroller on our way out into the blinding morning sun.

In my bleary-eyed search of water, cellphone, purse, and food I looked down at the dress and it can be said for certain, it looked a whole lot better than I did.

QC gives it an A+


I'll be testing out another dress tomorrow night at this art show. Hey, my name's even on the flier. Will you get your art on with me?