Sunday, April 7, 2013

California Dreaming

Is it Summer yet?

You're not allowed to complain about the weather when you live in Los Angeles, especially not to those non-natives who entered this cold dark world swaddled in Gor-tex, destined to toddle about feet encased in Baby's First snow shoes. I imagine them wearing tiny white ear muffs. I mean, of course, anyone who grew up in the Mid West.

I made that mistake once at a dinner party. Lamenting on the weather while forgetting my audience's origins I shortly found myself retreating from their [need it be said: pale?] wagging fingers; ashamedly pulling my featherweight cardigan closer.

I get it. For example, this video was shot on a gorgeous 80 degree day in mid November. That's what we have to deal with in Los Angeles. Wah Wah. I had to watch this to remind myself how lucky I was during last months stretch of frigid 60 degree days.

 I had the pleasure of styling all the extras on this shoot. Yes, the housekeeping staff at the Chateau Marmont all look like models. Sky high leopard print heels are mandatory uniform. No. No they are not. Watch out for the Jake Ryan look-a-like in the elevator.  Holy Cow that was a fun day. Styling commercial shoots is a whole lot of "Hurry up and wait" so there was a lot of goofing off, raiding of craft services, taking in the penthouse view and hanging out with the chicest orange cat in all of California. Terry Richardson wasn't nearly as creep-tastic as I had read about but even that couldn't ruin my day.

Anyways, today was a great day and it got me thinking about summer, tan lines, and lazy days by the pool. Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Yes. I'm just getting around to posting this.... a mere 4 months later.