Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Love And Ace, and Paris

I was sipping on a dreamy mug of cafe au lait at a sidewalk bistro when the very cute boy across the table invited me to celebrate his birthday with him in Provence. I said "Hell yes."Because really you can waste so much time by over thinking things.  He said, "Did we just make plans for five months from now?  I'm OK with that." Now here we are months later; plane tickets purchased, trip expanded from 10 days to 3 glorious weeks and the boy across the table just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I'm definitely OK with that.

And so the countdown begins. 38 days until Paris and I can hardly contain myself. Question: Has anyone ever been to Morocco? We'll be in Marrakesh for four days at the end of the trip. Do you have any pointers/favorite places/awesome experiences? Do tell!

The real reason I'm here, other than to outright brag about my upcoming vacation is this:

My lace blouse was featured on the Love and Ace blog. Leather and lace. Check out the rest of the post and pics here.

Also, the very lovely Katherine did an interview with me last month and I'm a little behind in posting it. You can check that one out here :-)

Voyez-vous plus tard des chatons!! 
(according to google translate: See you later kittens!)

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