Monday, September 23, 2013

I actually made it to the beach this Summer.

It's Autumn. I know this because a homeless man in Brentwood told me it was so.  He was hurling out this unsolicited nugget of truth as he were rushing by; grinning from ear to ear. He threw this knowledge at us and without slowing his pace he whipped his head around to make sure this joyful news registered upon its audience. Just this side of a top hat, a twinkle in his eye and then this town crier was gone. Off to alert the rest of the village and plow through piles of crisp autumn leaves I can only imagine. 

 Man, Brentwood has the best bums.

This skirt made it to the beach this summer on the hips of Katherine Chang of Love and Ace.

See the post here and find the skirt here.

This adorable sand pig made it to Rosie's dog beach

...and this girl (thumbs pointed at me) got to swim in the mediterranean:

That was an epic summer but apparently Autumn has some pretty good things in store for us as well.