Friday, July 18, 2014

WearMena LAZR Runway Show

Here's a little behind the scenes from a recent runway show!

*Thanks to my love for filming and editing and insisting that all my sides are good sides.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mena's Muses

Happy 3rd of July! :-)

Question: When you type a smiley face do you add the nose or do you skip it? Personally I think a nose adds character, but sometimes I think it can look too earnest when you really just want a casual smile. know, because typing the nose is an extra step and you don't want the recipient of said text to think you have sooooooo much free time on your hands  ;)

human beings are ridiculous. 

When I'm reincarnated I hope to come back without opposable thumbs so I don't have to deal with texting, let alone over thinking my texts. The exception would be to come back as a Koala because FUN FACT: they have opposable thumbs, built in pockets perfectly sized for smart phones, tons of free time on their hands, AND very small brains that don't understand the importance of being un-earnest.

While I'm still in this body; in this dimension, I'd like to share one of my favorite sections of the updated website. I have a growing photo collection of friends, fans and fashionistas modeling WearMena and they needed to be showcased. I consider these girls my muses. Enter the Mena's Muses page!  If you want to have a spot on the wall with these leading ladies show me how you WearMena. Using your opposable thumbs (or any finger, really) post your best pics on Instagram with the hashtag #wearmena and tag me in the pic @misty_menaberry so I can find you easily... OR via Twitter you can tag me @wearmena.

Cap it all off with a smiley face. Consider adding the nose. Only if you have time. I know you're busy.

I'm in Portland, Maine at the moment! Headed to Bar Harbor in a few hours when the rom-zom-com (romantic zombie comedy) my man is working on finally wraps. I'm looking forward to celebrating the 4th of July in a small New England town complete with bunting and lots of lobstahhh. I'm told my boyfriends dad will be sporting his annual american flag windbreaker. Yes, pics to follow....