Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday, Monday

Sophie Dress | WearMena | SS2015

I just made a delicious bowl of guacamole only to discover I had about 3 tortilla chips and roughly 6,034 crumbs. I poured the crumbs in the bowl of guacamole and ate it with a spoon like some sort of savory parfait. It tasted just as good and I didn't waste a single crumb...but it felt wrong; eating chips and dip with a spoon. What's next? Pizza with a fork?

I've been enjoying the last few days back from Magic. I took a much needed weekend off doing some bikini gardening (Hooray for multi-tasking!!), baking delicious treats , rewatching some favorite movies, and hanging out at the beach. Hope you had a great weekend as well!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WWD Magic ~ Las Vegas

 We're in Las Vegas right now for WWD Magic. WearMena was selected to participate in the Emerging Designer Showcase and it's been a great trip! We're writing orders, meeting fashion bloggers and hanging out with the other Emerging Designers. A few WearMena styles even ended up on the runway. Looks like we're on trend for color and print direction for Spring/Summer 2015. Can't wait to share the whole collection with you guys! Here's a few pics from our first day in Sin City:

catherine dress

cha-cha dress

sophie dress

Later, lovers!