Monday, October 27, 2014

The Model and the Real Girl

Model: Cristy Ling / Photographer: Rick LaRocca / Hair and Makeup: Sarah Nelson / Dress: WearMena
That beauty in the pic above is Cristy Ling. Not only is she gorgeous and tall with enviable will power and a wonderful tan; but she's fun, intelligent and incredibly sweet. Some people just have it all. 

The gal in the pics below, wearing the exact same dress, is a short carb-aholic who loves to bake and is really proud of herself if she makes it to yoga twice once a week.  hi.  It's me.  We've met. 

We're wearing the Tango Dress. Cristy wore it to a photoshoot. I wore it to my friend's Belle Epoque themed wedding. This dress isn't turn of the Century per say.... but I had just finished it and I HAD to wear it. Wearing next years dress is a major perk of being the designer. Someone has to test them out. Talk about twirl factor. This dress was so fun on the dance floor!

So look, this dress is lovely. Let's avoid the "Who wore it better?" question that the TMZ portion of my brain immediately wants to navigate towards. Fashion should be fun and it should make us feel good about ourselves. It shouldn't make us compare and critique. That is a reminder to myself. The point is: The Tango dress is fantastic on the genetic anomaly we know and love as The Supermodel, and it's pretty great on The Ordinary Girl as well [if I do say so myself]. There's room for all of us in this fashion game. So maybe I don't want to stand next to Cristy while wearing the same dress, but we can still be friends. 

***Update-The new and improved website is live!
This dress as well as all the other pieces from the Spring/Summer 15 collection will be available for Pre-Sale on the website November 3rd-December 15th. 

How dapper does Greg look in tails by the way? Hubba Hubba.

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