Friday, November 14, 2014

WearMena in the Emerald City

Flyaway Tank available for Pre-Sale from now until December 1st!
Greg and I are currently on a 10 day roadtrip from LA and we've made it up to Seattle! It's really cold here you guys but there's not a rain cloud in sight so we're not complaining [too much]. Well, Greg's not complaining anyways. 

Even though it's freezing in Seattle, we've got Summer on our minds. Thats how we work, always 5 months ahead. Mid-Summer I'll be up to my eyeballs in sweaters and trench coats.

Anyways,  I'm really happy to announce that WearMena will be available in Seattle at The briK this Spring! The briK is a really lovely boutique in Magnolia Village. If you're in Seattle you should check it out! They'll be carrying the flyaway tank pictured above, as well as a few other stunners.

As an alumni of The Art Institute of Seattle I'm especially thrilled to have WearMena available in Seattle!

For those of you who won't find yourself in Seattle in the Spring you still have a chance to reserve this cute tank on our website during our SS15 pre-sale, at 20% off! Can't guarantee it will be available after that. 

Have a great weekend! What's on your agenda for this weekend?

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