Saturday, December 13, 2014

Three Days

Only 3 days left to reserve our limited edition Spring/Summer pieces!
Don't forget that you also receive 20% off the MSRP while the presale lasts. All of these garments are handmade in Los Angeles in limited quantities so there are no guarantees that any of these items will be available after the presale ends. If you have your eye on an item now is the time!  

Why a presale? Real talk: Not all of the items in the collection will go into production (this is totally normal) and the ones that do will get shipped out to the people and boutiques who've placed orders. We're a small independent company. We don't have giant warehouses to store inventory so the presale gives us a better idea of what we need to manufacture.  Come Spring we will only carry inventory of the very very very best sellers. So like I said, If you have your eye on an item now is the time!  

Is this a gift?
I know that your pre-sale items won't land on your doorstep until well after your Christmas tree has been sent to the compost pile, but you can still reserve a Pre-sale item as a Christmas gift for a loved one! Just leave us a message during checkout and we'll send you a card with an image and a note about your item. That way you'll get to see a smile on Christmas day, as well as when their shipment arrives!

Won't you be glad when I stop going on and on about this whole presale business?

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