Monday, August 10, 2015


We spent two glorious weeks in Italy this summer. Were you there too? It seems like everyone we know took a trip to Italy this summer. Lucky all of us! If you didn't have the pleasure this year, I hope scrolling through these pics will be like a 5 minute mini -mini vacation. 

Civita de Bagnoregio

built by the Etruscans and settled by the Romans


the vineyard behind our house with Orvieto in the distance

Moorish stripes. Very chic.


Buffalo mozzarella is made from Buffalo milk. Mind blowing realization.


You can't get a picture of this woman without her camera in hand
brothers being brothers


lucky to be by this mans side.
testing out a new WearMena dress
the view from our B&B
a handsome man among the frescos


attitude while looking for our next gelato
vacation is so hard, he falls asleep on a marble bench
arches and more arches


View of Florence and the Duomo from the Pitti Palace.
Liz flaunting the Katy dress
Oh, just the view from our apartment.
Cinghiale means wild boar, but it sounds like an insult so we used it as such. It rolls off the tongue so nicely....
all the truffles all the time

Cinque Terre

the Mediterranean

Arancini break
hot day, hot dudes
The very VERY best part of the trip! Greg surprised me with a heartfelt proposal that makes me get teary-eyed just thinking about it. Guess what I said? ;-)

Tutto Bene! What did you do this summer?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Oven-Dried Tomatoes

heirloom varieties: Solar Flare, Vorlon, Jaune Flamme, Pink Ping Pong
It's that time again! Summer: AKA Tomato Season. Our veggie garden is rich with tomatoes and it makes me GIDDY.

There is nothing tastier than home grown tomatoes sprinkled with salt, pepper and a little bit of olive oil. Nothing tastier that is, except oven-dried tomatoes! When you have so many tomatoes you don't know what to do; slice them, put them in a low temp oven and slow cook them for a few hours. The flavors will concentrate and each slice will pack the punch of a hundred sweet and tangy heirlooms ripened on the vine. If there was such a thing as tomato candy, this would be it.

If you have a brown thumb, no yard, sunshine, out-door space and/or gardening inclination; never fear. This slow roasting process can turn even lowly supermarket tomatoes into superstars.

Oven-Dried Tomatoes

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

Slice tomatoes 1/4"-3/8" thick. The thicker you cut them the juicier they'll be and/or longer you'll need to cook them.

Scatter some fresh herbs (i used rosemary and thyme) and a few cloves of garlic, still in the peel, on top. (This is optional. I've done this without and they've still been amazing.)

Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and freshly cracked pepper.

Place in the oven and cook for anywhere from 2-4 hours. The former for juicier/chewy slices and latter for drier chunks. Inevitably, you'll have a variety of both because there is no way you'll be able to slice each tomato precisely the same thickness. Just go with it.

------------------>  Put away the ruler <-----------------

Check your oven every half hour or so after the 2 hour mark until they reach your desired consistency.

After they are done eat a few directly off the pan just for quality control purposes.

Put them on sandwiches, pizzas, salads, your tongue, whatever.

Store them in the fridge in an airtight container with more olive oil drizzled on top. They should keep for a week or two.

Happy Eating!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fall 2015

Hello Friends! Quick post today: 
Check out the new FALL 2015 look book on our website. 
Spring stock coming soon, will keep ya'll posted. XO~M