Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Twelve Months Later!

 I can't believe my little girl is one year old! That would explain why this blog has been woefully neglected. Hey, babies take up a lot of free time. What a weird year it's been. 2017 had its hit and misses and right now I'm going to focus on the hits. My sweet girl went from a helpless kitten to a walking tornado of fun. She's only one year old and she's already a tiny comedienne. I don't know where she gets that from, but all signs point to her father.

It should come as no surprise that i've started making little girls clothes. It's so much fun, because: RUFFLES! BOWS! LACE! All my favorite things shrunk down into an adorable lil package. Basically Scarlett and I are going to match until she decides (realizes?) she's too cool. Here's a sassy little romper I made for her birthday. They're available in sizes 9mo-3 years so check out the shop if you're interested and stay tuned for more styles in the near future.

 neon and lace romper
neon and lace romper ~ mini mena