Monday, April 3, 2017


Without kids or family around, Easter is usually just any another Spring Sunday for us. I don't really need an excuse to go out to brunch, wear pastels or eat an entire bag of Robin eggs. But now! I have visions of my little chickadee romping around the backyard finding carefully hidden in plain sight eggs and depositing them in an adorable little basket. I'm embarrassed to tell you how much time I spent perusing the Easter section at Target, contemplating the pros and cons of the bouncy ball filled with glitter versus the bunny bouncy ball. I can't wait to surprise her with her basket of bunny themed booty. and the letter of the day is B because clearly I've been watching too much Sesame Street.

In addition to the egg hunt here's our plan... 
I'm thinking this cake decorated like this 
this bunny basket filled with...
this twist tie bunny ears headband that will end up on my head in about 2 seconds.
our own mini mena playsuit for the chickadee and of course a matching tank for me.
As much as I love to get crafty I know that in reality not all of this will happen. I do know that there will be cute outfits and there will be cake. There will always be cake.

You can have the outfits too, cake is up to you. If you order this week you can have them in time for Easter. Order by April 10th to have it guaranteed delivery by Easter Sunday. Here's the link!